Himmatnagar, Gujarat, India 

Glorious PAST

Dowlat Villas Palace, a heritage hotel and a homestay property is located at Himmatnagar, Gujarat, India at an hours drive from Ahmedabad and a little bit more from Udaipur on NH-8 highway between Ahmedabad, Gujarat-Udaipur, Rajasthan

It has a unique scorpion shaped – castle like structure, which was made by Maharaj Shri Mann Singhji Saheb of Jaswantgarh – Idar State. It was built in late 1920s -1930s. He was the second son of H.H.The Maharaja Dowlat Singhji Saheb of Idar, who was given the Jagir of Jaswantgarh.

The Dowlat Villas Palace consist of the central portion which included the face, body and sting of the scorpion. The front galleries are connected to the two buildings on the either sides of Dowlat Villas, depicting claws of the scorpion, known as Takhat Bhawan and Pratap Bhawan respectively. The galleries at the back were connected to buildings situated on either side of the Dowlat Villas Palace depicting the hind legs of the scorpion known as Mann Bhawan and Umeg Bhawan respectively.

Maharaj Shri Mann Singhji Saheb abdicated and made his eldest son Maharaj Umeg Singhji as the Maharaj Shri Saheb of Jaswantgadh-Idar in 5th April 1948.

Splendid PRESENT

Presently Maharaj Shri Bhagirath Singhji Saheb of Jaswantgadh-Idar, the eldest son of Maharaj Shri Umeg Singhji Saheb owns and resides at Dowlat Villas Palace along with his son Rajkumar Suryavir Singhji.

Rajkumar Suryavir Singhji after completing his MBA in Marketing & Finance from Symbiosis,Pune ;with a good work experience with Bajaj Auto Ltd., Citi Bank and HSBC decided to go back to his roots and work on his property. He had a vision to then renovate the property and make it open for the public.

Interiors ans Exteriors

Dowlat Villas Palace is a great heritage getaway for travelers across the world to experience the royal living. It has beautifully gothic style pillared balconies, attractive courtyards, open terraces, lovely garden and comfortable rooms with antique furnishings.



The location provides the perfect backdrop for the  various ceremonial functions.

General Information

Dowlat Villas Palace, Heritage Home Stay, Himmatnagar is located 75kms enroute from Ahmedabad (Gujarat) to Udaipur (Rajasthan) on NH-8.